Welcome to Our College!           

Nilakkottai lies on the way to kodaikanal hills and is surrounded by small villages, which are virtually cut off from the main stream urban society of the not -so-distant Dindugal and Madurai, because of the non-availability of intellectual resources needed for purposefully channelising the energies of their people to attain mental maturity and intellectual growth.

Nilakkottai is a socially backward area, with a high percentage of its population belonging to schedule castes, for which reason, it has been declared a reserved Assembly Constituency.  Most of the men in this area are educationally and economically backward too. 

The pursuit of higher remained a distant dream to the people living in these villages, particularly women.  If the aim of education is to emancipate the down-trodden, and to eradicate poverty and ignorance and its ultimate goal is to level up the differences between man and man (man and women, for that matter), then here was place which needed such education at its noblest simplicity.  This dream of higher education finally came true through the untiring efforts of visionary, Ms.A.S.Ponnammal, the then M.L.A. of this constituency.  Her unwavering stand on the establishment of a women’s college in Nilakkottai, her efforts at the political level and the local support she mobilized saw the dawn of this college in 1998.

The College started functioning in the same year, offered five courses, all in the under-graduate level, namely, B.A.  Tamil, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, B.Sc. Home Science and B.Sc. Computer Science.  The lack of infra-structure facilities, shortage of class rooms and lack of amenities did not deter the authorities in running the college nor did it deter the women in this place from enrolling themselves in this college, for higher education.

The College has an objective, namely, empowerment of the down-trodden women living in and around Nilakkottai; a mission to fulfill, namely, creating an awareness among these sections of society, regarding the importance of such empowerment, which alone can build the confidence and self-respect of these women and make them realize their own potentials to become and feel equal to their counterparts elsewhere.

That this goal is achievable is clear from the picture that is emerging now. The shy, diffident and suspicious striplings of girls who entered the portals of this college, a year or two back, are now emerging confident, mature with organizational skills, bold enough to dream of a future comparable to those of urban women. We have given them the courage to dream and fondly hope that the realization of their dreams will take care of itself in due course.

We do not deny that we lack infra-structural facilities, amenities and many other supports available to students in many other institutions. But the Principal, teachers and administrators do have the dedication, far-sightedness and missionary zeal to lead the students on, amidst adversities, by meticulously planning the routine work, by introducing extra activities to sharpen their faculties and thinking of alternate methods to solve their problems.