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About the Department

The Department of HOME SCIENCE was established in the year 1998.Home science deals with skills and knowledge required for a healthy lifestyle. It is an interdisciplinary field which draws from the strengths of science and arts courses which enables the student to develop the ability and understand the concept as well as apply them in various situations. This gives home science students an edge above all other disciplines. Under Home science, the courses offered are B.Sc Foods and Nutrition and in the year 2018 M.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics has been stated. As there is a growing concern for health and nutrition, the changing lifestyle of present generation has attracted several students enabling them to pursue a successful career.


  • To empower enlighten and educate on moral and aesthetic promotion of values , healthy living and scientific knowledge on food and Nutrition.


  • To provide knowledge to the rural community to promote knowledge on foods , healthy life style and the prevention of diseases through effective application of knowledge to improve health and well being.

  • To procure the students by providing holistic education, creating scientific knowledge to make them as good professionals.


  • To uphold Student growth and developments through academic and career based education.

  • To prepare graduates for dietetic through a variety of specialized practice experience.

  • To upgrade critical thinking skills and problem solving capacity in an interdisciplinary academic environment.

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1 Dr. SRI KAVITHA MAGESHWARI Head & Assistant Professor View Profile
2 Dr.S.SELVARANI Assistant Professor View Profile

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